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Aged Care Solutions

Connect & Communicate with loved ones

Large button phones and compatible voice, video, high speed internet and mobility solutions for aged care centres.


Emergency Alert Systems Solutions

Connect with aged care staff and carers by the touch of a button, specifically designed for elderly citizens.


Options to Communicate from anywhere

Number of mobile solutions and OTT ( Over the Top) applications, to stay in touch with loved ones.


Transforming Healthcare for Aged care

Phone Systems for Aged Care

The phone systems at aged care centres can be complex and difficult to understand. We offer appropriate phone systems, simpler installation and training to aged care staff and residents.

Entertainment System for Age Care

Entertainment and Communication Systems for Residential Aged care facilities with simple and intuitive controls that contribute to the well-being and happiness of residents of those locations.

Customised Software Apps

Customised software that would simplify staff management, invoicing, payroll, assessments, patient tracking, integration into aged care devices and comprehensive reporting.

Monitoring and Paging System for Aged Care

Intelligent solutions that integrate the Aged care monitoring and paging system with their Nurse call systems. The call & monitoring devices can also be set up with a 'stand alone' buzzer or pager system rather than the nurse call.

The pager contacts a carer when the resident presses the button for assistance, allowing the carer to be in immediate direct voice contact with the resident without visiting the premises.

Connect and monitor using wearables

You can connect a wide range of wearable and other healthcare devices. These solutions help people with dementia and disabilities staying in close contact with their family and carers.

These solutions help from measuring and reporting heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar through to activity and GPS tracking, geo-fencing, medical alerts, medication and appointment reminders, personal emergency alarms and more.

Convenient wireless communication options

Simple and convenient Wi-Fi and mobile broadband solutions for aged care centres. By connecting online, care recipients can stay in touch with family via email and video services, and play games to stimulate their minds.

By offering access to the high speed internet and range of various devices, providers can enhance individual’s lifestyle and wellbeing needs, not just their basic care requirements.

Main Features of our Aged Care Solutions

Innovative Solutions

  • High Speed internet solutions
  • Flexible, Manageable & Scalable
  • Predictable Budget Predictable Speed
  • Manage your network Speed
  • Make your business Efficient

Reliable & Simpler to Use

  • Your Network Your Control
  • Flexible, Manageable & Scalable
  • No intrusion No foreign interference
  • Make your changes Flexibly
  • Fully supported

Technology for Aged Care

  • Private & Secure
  • Fully Private, Controlled & Exclusive
  • Availability Guaranteed
  • Privately controlled, Flexibly Managed
  • 24/7 phone support

Better Interaction, Better Care

  • Secure & Reliable
  • Available, Secure & Fully Reliable
  • Reasonable SLA
  • Experienced staff on support desks
  • 24/7 phone support

Communications System for Aged Care

Brimcom phone system integrates voice, video and data, enabling aged care users to communicate and collaborate in the mode best suited to each interaction.

Paging System

Brimcom healthcare paging allows aged care residents to contact a carer simply, quickly and reliably. Aged care environments can integrate the facilities of their paging system with nurse call systems.

Secure Accommodation

The aged care solution is well suited for secure accommodation and health care, for use in hospitals, dementia care and aged care markets.

Mobile Communications

Enhance the residential aged care experience with the provision of Wi-Fi, software apps for mobiles enabling mobile device usage and access to video for face to face calls to family.

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