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Cloud Collaboration, voice, video, high speed internet and Mobility solutions.


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We provide additional services and better than before in healthcare industry.


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Broadband solutions & services suitable for small, medium & large businesses.


Mobile Plans

Pre-paid and post paid mobile plans with standard national calls included, and various handsets options.

Broadband Plans

Flexible mobile broadband options from 1GB data to higher data allowance.

SIM Plans

SIM only plans for BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device).

Standard Mobile Business Plans

These mobile plans have various options of calls and messages to standard Australian numbers. There are options to include unlimited international calls to selected countries.

There are options to get SIM only plans, 24 month plans or Pay As You Go model that works with BYO (Bring Your Own) device model.

Casual Business Plans for Mobiles

Some businesses need their mobile plans change frequently and their business could use a bit of freedom. There are Business Mobile Casual Plans with no lock-in contracts.

Businesses can bring their existing compatible mobile and have the freedom and flexibility of a month-to-month pay as you go plan.

Integrated & Bundled Mobile Plans

The Integrated or Connected Business Mobile Plans give customers the flexibility to choose a mix of BYO, mobile phone and tablet plans to suit businesses and tailor the perfect mobility solution.

A range of tools and support models for businesses help manage cost, data consumption and data security so they can embrace the benefits of mobility.

Our unique features

Following are some of the unique features we offer:

Secure Communications

The Voice and Video solutions offered by Brimcom are compliant with standard security guidelines.

Partners Network

We have technology partners with global experience offering innovative high technology solutions worldwide.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our qualified staff has years of experience with medical communications and broadband telephony solutions.

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