E Medical Record

Clinical Applications for Healthcare

Web-based & mobile applications

Healthcare applications conveniently accessed via web browsers and mobile devices.


Applications customised for healthcare providers

Applications for messaging, collaboration, back-up and storage, file transfer and much more..


Innovative & secure applications

Healthcare applications simple and convenient to use while maintaining security and confidentiality of user data.


Web Based Secure Messaging

Brimcom offers secure, simple and reliable electronic message service. A web-based secure messaging system to transmit patient notes, prescriptions and e-Referrals

Patient Care at Home

Patients can be monitored remotely. Residents can use their smartphone to send their prescription to your nearest pharmacy, and they can access their medical records & information securely.

Integrated Pharmacy Management

Brimcom solution can provide a simple, integrated approach to managing all aspects of pharmacy including dispensing, point of sale, retail operations, back office and professional services.

Secure & Reliable healthcare information exchange

Patient-centric, hospital integrated information management system that helps public and private health facilities and general practices to securely share clinical information.

Intelligent Rostering, Invoicing & Reporting

An intelligent software that can help you simplify rostering, staff management, invoicing, payroll, assessments and reporting.

Medication Management & administering record efficiently

Medication Management can assist reducing operational risks and errors. Staff can administer and record medications with clearer communication between care staff, pharmacists and GPs, offering increased safety, efficiency and accountability.

Main Features of Our Clinical Applications

Communication, Collaboration and Messaging Apps

  • Secure communication
  • Efficient Collaboration tools
  • Secure messaging via web-browser
  • Secure interaction via mobile devices

Patient centric hospital information system

  • Patient's access to healthcare reports
  • Secure & reliable access
  • Private and confidential access to patient data
  • Efficient information system

Integrated Pharmacy Management

  • Integrated 3rd party drug database
  • Easy barcode dispensing
  • Encrypted & secure retrieval of patient prescription
  • Flexible reporting

Administering & recording medication

  • Reduce medication-related errors
  • Efficient reporting
  • Easy access to clinical information
  • Greater transparency

Medical Software Applications

A variety of software applications for healthcare .

Secure & Confidential

Healthcare information is transmitted securely and efficiently.

Customised software

Customised software development for integration with other devices for use at healthcare centres and aged care facilities.

Comprehensive Reporting

Capability of reporting in relation to calls, medication, healthcare centres services, invoicing, billing and revenue tracking.

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