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Dark Fibre Broadband

Privately Operated Optical Fibre Network

Dark Fibre is scalable, secure & provides extensive coverage

Control Your Network

You gain control of your network as you’re already equipped with enough bandwidth for any unexpected bandwidth demand for your business.

Security & Performance

A private and a secure way to deliver high-speed data applications.


The maximum Performance, Security and Reliability needed to meet the growing bandwidth demand for your business.

Main Features of Dark Fibre Network

Higher Speeds

  • Faster Speed up to 100Mbps
  • Flexible, Manageable & Scalable
  • Predictable Budget Predictable Speed
  • Manage your network Speed
  • Make your business Efficient

Your Control

  • Your Network Your Control
  • Flexible, Manageable & Scalable
  • No intrusion No foreign interference
  • Make your changes Flexibly
  • Fully supported

Private Network

  • Private & Secure
  • Fully Private, Controlled & Exclusive
  • Availability Guaranteed
  • Privately controlled, Flexibly Managed
  • 24/7 phone support

Secure & Reliable

  • Secure & Reliable
  • Available, Secure & Fully Reliable
  • Reasonable SLA
  • Experienced staff on support desks
  • 24/7 phone support

Advanced Telephony Features

Our telephony solution has advanced functions that make your day life easier. Features such as advanced IVR/ routing, Find me/Follow me services, integration to calendar and CRM are worth mentioning.

Voice Mail & Music on Hold

Customised Music on Hold messaging, Voice mail to email and various options of voice mail management are quite useful.

Click to Call

Click to Call functionality saves time by dialing a destination number just by highlighting the number.

Soft Client & Mobility

Fixed number dialed from a soft client or from mobile natively helps improve customer satisfaction and improving brand image.

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