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Connected Healthcare - Analytics, IOT, Cloud

Remote monitoring and reliable tracking

Doctors can be consulted remotely to review real-time patient data, that saves travel time, cost and helps efficient scheduling of appointments.

Remote monitoring is revolutionizing people's life in rural and emerging markets, where healthcare services are limited.


More and more connected devices

A lot more Healthcare service providers are using IoT healthcare devices and tools in order to make use of efficient healthcare technology.

Healthcare devices such as BP monitors, Virtual Reality, Brainwaves including headsets, Google Glass, etc. helped the healthcare industry reach a new level.


Collaboration & secure data transfer

IOT Solutions in healthcare provides real-time analytics and reporting to monitor medical staff productivity.

Innovative IOT solutions are securely connecting patients, doctors, and processes to increase access, quality of care, and efficiency.It helps teams work better, with each other and with patients.


Solutions designed to build a better connected health system. Healthcare IoT can improve patient satisfaction and boost treatment outcomes.

Smart Hospitals

A connected hospital uses smart digital technologies, smart devices and IOT solutions to enable secure & efficient communication improving patient satisfaction & treatment outcomes.

Real-time Tracking

Track the product rework process by location and status with real-time monitoring.

Smart Management Systems

Remotely controlling and centralising different systems such as lighting, heating, hot water and emergency systems makes hospitals and medical practices efficient & more secure.

Why Connected Healthcare Solution?

Connected Healthcare

  • From cute and reactive to being proactive and preventive
  • More IOT compatible devices
  • Improves healthcare services quality
  • Improves staff productivity

Maximise Healthcare Resources

  • Convenient Healthcare services Remotely
  • Simplifies resource management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Effective healthcare delivery

Flexibility & Connectivity

  • Save Travel, Save Time Connect Flexibly
  • Reliable & secure communication & Exclusive
  • Availability Guaranteed
  • Efficient time management

Better Interaction, Better Care

  • Monitor & Track activity using technology
  • Reliable technology Reliable Care
  • Interactive communication
  • Saves cost

Our unique features

Following are some of the unique features we offer:

Secure Communications

The Voice and Video solutions offered by Brimcom are compliant with standard security guidelines.

Partners Network

We have technology partners with global experience offering innovative high technology solutions worldwide.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our qualified staff has years of experience with medical communications and broadband telephony solutions.

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