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Nurse Call Systems

Emergency & Alert System

The emergency alert system incorporates a local in-house call button to attract attention within the home. Alert can be sent to a recipient in several forms including pagers, SMS, DECT, remote displays and even e-mail.

RFID-based WiFi Nurse Call System

RFID delivers a real-time location system and ensures the safety & security of your patients, staff, visitors.We install both wired and wireless Nurse Call systems.

Flexible and Efficient

Brimcom nurse call system increases staff efficiency and patient satisfaction.It is engineered to be flexible, efficient & user friendly that can be installed in Age Care Centres, hospitals & medical practices.

Various Options of Nurse Call Systems

Our nurse call systems have intelligent integration from a Nurse call button, a resident pendant to a full multimedia bed pendant with a vriety of wireless, wireline and mobile connect features.

With the integration of a DECT system, a staff member can receive a Nurse call or Staff assist from any location within the facility and, with an audio option, can talk to the patient, resident or staff member.

Intuitive Software Relay System

The intuitive nurse call system has a mobile application by which it relays info on mobile such as the room number, resident name, and the time along with the patient’s location and a customised map of the community to staff.

Nurses are kept up to speed on relevant events throughout their shifts, through dome lights, IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, e-mail, and text messages.

Improves your workflow efficiency

The tighter integration of nurse call system into hospital infrastructure enables caregiver to receive the right message, enabling alarm free quiet areas and improving satisfaction.

Caregivers have the options to respond to by "accept, reject, auto escalate, or call back ". It also has the call back feature. Clinicians can communicate directly with patients via their bedside telephone.

Main Features of our Nurse Call System

Medical Alert Systems

  • Faster time to respond
  • Flexible and Manageable systems
  • Integration into phone systems
  • Mobile integration option

Wireless & Wired Solution

  • Nurse call system that works wirelessly
  • Works with DECT system
  • Connects to hospital Wi-Fi
  • Can still work as wired system

Superior & Intelligent Design

  • Intelligent integration with wireless & mobile systems
  • Superior technology
  • Multiple features
  • Secure, reliable, efficient

Emergency Service Notifications

  • Various forms of notifications
  • Connect to nurse, staff, colleagues
  • Call back options
  • Works with wearables

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