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SIP Trunk Solutions - Wholesale Voice

SIP Trunking Solution, Carrier Grade Voice

SIP Trunking allows business phone systems to operate using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.SIP trunking provides businesses with a powerful, highly adaptable and scalable communication solution.


Failover & Flexibility & Business Continuity

SIP trunks can be pre-configured with call queuing rules, and can re-route inbound calls (automatically) in case of power failure or Internet outage. It also offers automatic failure in the unfortunate event of service disruption.


On Demand Capacity, Pay for what you use

SIP trunking doesn’t only provide cost savings and simplifies IT management, but also delivers an incredible amount of flexibility. Trunks can be provisioned quickly, and phone lines can be added and removed easily.


SIP trunk “business continuity” and “redundancy” options

In case of any link failure to customer site, any outage, unplanned disruptions or overflow, customer calls can be redirected to their chosen recovery site or to a mobile number of choice.

SIP Trunking is scalable and granular on a per channel basis.

SIP Trunking services can be dimension based on average usage rather than peak.

Cost-effective and flexible communications

SIP Trunking enables cost effective least-cost routing (LCR) and provides a far more effective and flexible disaster recovery option.

Unlike ISDN, SIP Trunking system has the capability to quickly route voice SIP traffic to a disaster recovery centre.The cost of the access component of SIP Trunking is typically significantly cheaper than the more costly ISDN services.

Simple and convenient, reliable and scalable

SIP Trunks are the efficient, cost-effective and smart way to connect IP PBXs or legacy PBX systems with reliability and scalability. SIP trunks bring together voice and data communications seamlessly.

Unified Communications services can be delivered more efficiently over SIP and can potentially federate with suppliers’ and customers’ communication systems and processes.

Main Features of SIP Trunking Solution


  • Failover mechanism
  • Conveniently re-routes calls
  • Predictable Budget
  • Reduces Capex and Opex
  • Makes your business efficient


  • Scalable and granular
  • Flexibility to modify as per demand
  • Make your changes easily and much quicker
  • Scale your operation pain-free


  • Voice, data and video over a common IP network
  • Convergence without sacrificing call quality
  • Direct cost savings
  • Enables feature-rich UC


  • Flexible in dimensioning
  • Available and Secure &
  • Enables advanced telephony
  • Modify on demand
  • Business grade IP solution

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