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Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for Healthcare

Mixed reality technology converging with IoT

Augmented reality (AR) technology is used to visualize data from hundreds of sensors simultaneously, overlaying relevant and actionable information from a particular environment through a headset.


Use of Virtual Reality in Healthcare trainings

Many hospitals are turning to simulation and the virtual world to train healthcare professionals in medical procedures, and help medical students and medical professionals refresh their skills.


VR used as a medical treatment tool

Virtual Reality is used for tackling issues such as mental health, phobias and chronic pain management. It is also being put to use to help soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Augmented & Virtual Medical Reality

VR for pain management, Rehabilitation, Therapy & Phobias treatment

Immersive multimedia Experience

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are utilised more effectively in healthcare sector treating patients, by engaging in an immersive experience.

VR in Preventive Healthcare

VR is used in medical/surgical training, diagnostics, preventative medicine, counselling, treatment and architectural design of new hospitals.

Healthcare Learning & Training

VR is used effectively in healthcare learning and training. Medical students can perform ‘hands on’ procedures but in a safe and controlled setting with no risk to the patient.

Main Features of Virtual Reality Solution

Treatment tool for Healthcare

  • Treatment of phobias
  • IOT and VR used together for tackling issues e
  • Mental health treatment
  • Used for PTSD treatment

Transforming Medical Industry

  • Innovative technology
  • Secure and reliable Scalable
  • Revolutionising the healthcare industry
  • Higher adoption rate

Therapies with Virtual Reality

  • Exposure therapy
  • For fears of flying and claustrophobia
  • Distraction therapy
  • Pain management

Training Tool for Healthcare

  • Simulation of patient cases
  • Skills refresh for healthcare professionals
  • Students eduction tool
  • Simulation of procedures

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